Since 1st January 2015, it has become illegal to use the R22 refrigerant for the maintenance and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration units in the UK. In most cases, most installations made before 2004 will have the R22 refrigerant, therefore this is something you should look to have replaced in the near future. Rather than having all the pipework and wiring removed, we can upgrade your unit whilst making sure that there is none of the R22 refrigerant present.

There are numerous benefits from the R22 phase out, the most significant one being that the upgrades give a boost to your refrigerator’s performance. In most instances, their overall effectiveness is increased by roughly 50%. We offer affordable garage door installation services and smart solutions for your garage in California as well. We understand that phase out is forcing your hand to upgrade, however it must be made apparent that these will have a positive aspect on how your system operates.

There are several commercial cleaning options available to you if you get in touch with helping hands commercial cleaning in Illinois. We will be happy to sit with you and explain the benefits of each style of upgrade. This is an issue that we really encourage you to have addressed sooner rather than later, because if your air conditioning unit breaks down and still has R22 present, you will be unable to have the system repaired.

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